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Skilled Doctor, Theresia Neill, MD Joins Phillips County Health Systems

Phillips County Health Systems (PCHS) is delighted to announce the latest addition to our esteemed medical team, Dr. Theresia Neill, MD. Dr. Neill brings a wealth of expertise as a board-certified family practice physician, offering a comprehensive range of services encompassing primary care, family medicine, ER, and Inpatient care. Her arrival marks a significant enhancement to our healthcare offerings, with Dr. Neill now accepting patients at our Medical Clinic and participating in the hospital's Emergency Room Department.

Dr. Neill's educational journey is a testament to her dedication to the medical field. She earned her initial credentials from Butler Community College, followed by a dual bachelor's degree from Kansas State University in Human Nutrition and Kinesiology, with a secondary major in Gerontology. Dr. Neill obtained her Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Salina. She further honed her skills and knowledge through the Smoky Hill Family Medicine Residency program, where she completed her residency.

Since September 2020, Dr. Neill has been actively contributing to the neighboring communities in practice as a family physician and obstetrics. While PCHS does not provide OB services, Dr. Neill's proficiency in this field will prove invaluable to caring for women of childbearing age and those in the post-delivery phase. She is accomplished in a full spectrum of healthcare practices including Emergency Room, Inpatient, and clinic primary care from pediatric to geriatrics. Her presence will further expand our capabilities in rural health and ensure that we continue to provide comprehensive and high-quality care to our community.

“I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Theresia Neill to our dedicated medical team,” announced Tara Overmiller, CEO. “Dr. Neill's arrival not only fulfills the community's long-voiced desire for a female physician but also expands and enhances our expertise in women's health, pediatrics, and treating more advanced medical conditions. I admire her direct and thorough medical practice approach and believe it will undoubtedly benefit our patients. I look forward to the positive impact she will make on both our patients and the community.”

Dr. Neill's addition underscores PCHS's ongoing commitment to excellence in healthcare, and we look forward to her contributions to enhancing the health of our community. Outside of her medical practice, Dr. Neill enjoys outdoor adventures, culinary arts, cycling, exploring new destinations, and quality time in Colorado alongside her sister. In her personal life, Dr. Neill is happily married to Tate and is a proud parent to a daughter and a son.

PCHS is dedicated to providing compassionate and innovative medical care. Our team of highly skilled healthcare professionals is committed to delivering exceptional patient experiences and advancing the health and well-being of the community we serve.

Phillips County Health Systems is committed to delivering high-quality medical services to the Phillips County community and beyond. With a team of dedicated healthcare professionals, PCHS is dedicated to the well-being of its patients and ensuring access to comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Call the Phillips County Medical Clinic at (785) 543-5211 to establish care and for additional scheduling details.

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