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Phillips and Norton County Hospital’s Scholarship Loan Program offers participants the opportunity to advance their education and become a team member of your healthcare facilities. Our Scholarship Loan Program is financed by the Dane G. Hansen Foundation of Logan, Kansas.

1. Eligibility: Students accepted in an accredited healthcare program are eligible. All
pre-requisites must be completed. An application must be completed and submitted. An interview will be scheduled with each applicant by the scholarship committee.
2. Amount: The loan is $2,500.00 per semester and is sent to the applicant’s school for the cost of tuition after the appropriate paperwork is submitted to the Personnel Coordinator.
3. Forgiveness Provisions: This is a loan intended for persons interested in employment at Phillips County Health Systems or Norton County Hospital after graduation.
By working full-time hours after graduation at the Phillips County Health Systems or Norton County Hospital, the recipient will receive credit toward repayment of the scholarship loan awarded. The work requirement is one year of full-time employment per $5,000 awarded. Successful completion of state boards for licensure or certification is required.


1. Autobiography: Write a 200-word statement describing your desire to serve in your chosen field. Also, include a brief autobiography including information about yourself and your personal and professional goals you hope to achieve as a healthcare professional and what this loan means to you.
2. Personal References: Two written personal references are required from a non-related source.
3. Acceptance Letter: Include a copy of an acceptance letter from the proposed program.

A current picture if possible would be appreciated.

Scholarships are open each year from February –April.
Interviews with the Board of Trustees interviewing committee are held in May.

Mail completed scholarship application to:
Phillips County Health Systems
Attn: Peggy Fabin
1150 State Street, P.O. Box 607
Phillipsburg, Kansas 67661

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