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In an effort to provide safe, quality, and convenient care to our patients, many PCHS providers and specialists are currently offering telehealth appointments for visits that don't require in-office care.

Questions and Appointments

Sometimes you don't want to leave home...

Many conditions require an in-person visit, but sometimes a telehealth visit is a good option for new and existing patients. If that proves the case, our telehealth option uses a HIPAA-level security video-based tool that feels a lot like a Zoom or Facetime call.


For setting up a telehealth appointment and for more information, call the clinic at 785-543-5211.


Telehealth allows for a safe and convenient method to continue your care where it is appropriate. Some of the visits we can see via Telehealth include:

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • COVID Questions

  • Flu, Cold, or Allergy

  • Follow-Up Visits

  • General Health Questions

  • Medication Management & Refills

  • Test Results Follow-Up

  • Mental/Behavioral Health Counseling

  • Psychiatric Medical Management

  • New Parenting Questions

  • New Patients

  • Pediatric Fever or Advice

  • Rashes or Skin Conditions

  • And many more...

Participating Providers

Below is a list of providers who are currently offering telehealth visits. To schedule a visit with one of these providers, please call the number listed next to their name.

  • Family Medicine

    • Dr. Cooper Nickel • 785-543-5211

    • Jennifer Hamons, PA-C • 785-543-5211

  • Mental Health

    • Dr. Erika Warbinton, Psychologist • 785-543-5211​​

  • Pediatric Specialities

    • Pediatric Care • Available via Provider Referral​

    • Pediatric Dermatology • Available via Provider Referral

    • Pediatric Allergy & Asthma • Available via Provider Referral


Your telehealth visit is entirely private and confidential. Telehealth visits are never recorded or shared. However, it is very important that you conduct your visits in a private, quiet, secure location.

Eligibility and Availability

At this time, new and established Phillips County Health Systems patients are eligible to have telehealth visits with participating clinicians, depending on the particular health issue or concern.


Depending on your insurance coverage, you will be charged your usual co-pay/deductible, or you will be charged a regular office visit fee for each virtual visit.

Can a Family Member Join Me During My Video Visit?

Yes, your provider can add additional participants to your visit. If you would like to have a family member join, please let your provider know and they will send a link to have them join the visit. This can be ideal for those that have caregivers or family members that do not live close by.

How it Works
  • When your telehealth appointment is scheduled, your telephone number and email address will be confirmed.

  • Before your appointment, you will receive a link via a text message or email from your clinician. (We’ll use a text if you plan to use your phone, and an email if you plan to use your computer.)

  • If this is your first visit, you will be asked to fill out a telehealth consent form here: PCHS Telehealth Consent Form

  • You can click the link or go online and enter the web address you were provided.

  • When prompted, allow your browser or phone to allow webcam and microphone access.

  • Your care provider will start your visit!

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