Since Phillips County Hospital was established we have been responsive to the needs of the citizens. As a nonprofit hospital governed by a Board of Trustees, we are more than a hospital of housing departments, patient rooms, and machines

Jessie Wyrill

Chairman of the Board

Cathy States


Vicki Constable

Member of the Board

Jayne Holle

Vice Chairman

Hazel Ames

Member of the Board

Tad Felts

Member of the Board

Stan Kats


Christiane "Criquet" Cole

Member of the Board

Stan Robb

Member of the Board


The first volunteer Phillips County Community Hospital Board was organized on December 22,1949 with 18 members: Bud Broun, Ralph Winship, Jake Jansonius, L.G. Spaulding, Howard G. Vogel, Fred Steffens, R.T. Anderson, Hubert Bogart, E.J. Close, W.H. Crow, Alfred Dusin, Ross Ferguson, Elmer Lumpkin, Harvey Rathert, Francis Wachs, John Dickey, McDill “Huck” Boyd and W.W. Gibbs.

Later, five members of the original board, Broun, Winship, Steffens, Dickey, and Boyd, composed the Board of Trustees in 1953 until the hospital became an official county hospital on January 1, 1957.

Since then, the board was comprised of 5 members from 1957 to 2012 when it was expanded to 9 members who represent diverse interests in the community. Following is a list of the trustee since 1957 and the time period they served: L.K. Stutterheim, 1957-1961; L. Kent Culbertson, 1957-1961; Francis Wachs, 1957-1983; D.T. Broun, 1957-1961; Leland Baird, 1957-1961; Marlin Ames, 1961-1977; A.G. Cummings, 1961-1977; Leo Beanblossom, 1961-1969; Guy Christian, 1961-1963; Neil Arasmith, 1963-1972; C.J. Widen, 1973-1982; and Dan Losey, 1982-1983. John Chittenden, 1969-1971; Kay Becker, 1977-1989; Connie Neslon, 1991-2001; Buford VanLoenen, 1977-1990; Lloyd Culbertson, 1982-1995; Gordon Dettmer, 1983-2008; Christie Berg, 1989-1996; Kenton Oliff, 1996-2002; Roger DeWitt, 1990 – 2007 ; De Suchscland, 2009-2015; Jan Tien, 2007-2012; Carola Deschner, 2001-2013; Art Henrickson, 1996-2016, Daniel Malmberg, 2002-2012, Hazel Ames, 2012-Present, Stanley Robb, 2012-Present, Arliss Hatcher, 2012-2016, Stanley Kats, 2012- Present, Mark Gervais, 2012-2016, Sandi Preuss, 2012-2016, Nicki Jones, 2013-2016, Sarah Rudd, 2015-2016, Ruth Hackerott 2016-2019, Kelly Roe 2017-2019.


Phillips County Health Systems

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Phillips County Health Systems complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. Phillips County Health Systems does not exclude people or treat them differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.