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Phillips County Health Systems Officially Launches Inpatient Dialysis!

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Phillips County Health Systems Launches Inpatient Dialysis and Sets Sights on Outpatient Dialysis Accreditation.

Phillips County Health Systems (PCHS) is excited to announce the successful completion of staff training and the official launch of its inpatient dialysis services. This is the first rural dialysis program within an hour radius of Phillipsburg, Kansas, providing patients with acute kidney injury or end-stage renal disease treatments during hospitalization.

The staff has undergone extensive specialized training to ensure safe and effective hemodialysis treatments, and the new dialysis program is equipped with the latest technology. PCHS has also initiated the accreditation process for an outpatient dialysis treatment program, offering patients with end-stage kidney disease access to regular dialysis treatments, comfortably and conveniently close to home.

Interim Dialysis Program Director Lisa Apperson, RN, shared her enthusiasm with the recent developments: “We are so pleased to be able to offer this service to Phillips and the surrounding counties! We can immediately treat stable acute kidney injuries and provide hemodialysis treatments to current End Stage Renal Disease patients needing treatment after being hospitalized. This program’s completion comes after many months of research, planning, and education. It wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of every single person that played an integral part in its success. We now have to undergo a successful survey by CMS to obtain Medicare Accreditation for our outpatient dialysis center, which will allow us to initially treat up to six patients a week, with plans to expand to up to 12 patients in the future.”

Apperson acknowledged the importance of providing access to this life-saving medical treatment to patients in the area: “Most patients currently need to have a family member or friend to drive them up to an hour and a half each way, 3 times a week. This is not only a huge commitment for the patient, but also the driver. A patient that misses a hemodialysis treatment has a 2.09-fold higher rate of hospitalization. In a survey of patients that missed a treatment, 81.3% of patients stated that transportation played a role in that incident.

Access to this life-saving medical treatment has never been offered this close to home. The advanced technology and equipment were purchased through Outset and patients will be directly monitored by nephrologist specialists through TeleNeph. This equipment was acquired through generous grants from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation and the Morgan Foundation.

"Thank you to all that made this possible, either through direct involvement, or the many individuals and organizations that have provided funding, both large and small, " said Apperson. "I look forward to participating in this valuable service to the community!"

PCHS is grateful for the support of all those who made this possible and looks forward to continuing to provide exceptional care to their patients, families, and community. For more information about their inpatient dialysis service or to inquire about their upcoming outpatient dialysis program, please contact Lisa Apperson, RN at (785)540-4994.

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