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  • Cassie Taylor

New Community Service Program Offered by Phillips County Health Systems

PCHS presents new services to address the increasing demand for community assistance within the healthcare system. In January 2023, Kelly Moffatt joined the PCHS as the Community Health Worker.

A Community Health Worker is a skilled professional trained to help people navigate the healthcare system. A CWH help works with each individual to help them identify the most significant difficulties and create a plan to overcome the challenges. The CHW works with clinics, hospitals and communities to assist patients with various social and health needs. The services include but are not limited to; medication assistance, insurance assistance, financial assistance, medical appointment transportation, and personal emergency response systems.

“We are so excited to have Kelly join Phillips County Health Systems as our Community Health Worker program manager! Her role will be a vital part of our community health and empowering members of our community by equipping them and assisting clients in finding needed support and resources. Whether it services in the home, financial assistance for community members or ensuring patients get to their needed appointments, Kelly will be your go-to gal,” shared Jennifer Dodds, Patient Experience Officer. “Phillips County Health Systems is proud to have this opportunity to offer these services to our community and we look forward to seeing how the program grows!”

The CHW program is a Grant Funded opportunity made possible by the United Ministry Health Fund Organization out of Hutchison, KS. The CHW Program aims to bridge the gap between community members and the medical and social services needed to improve health outcomes and identify the gaps and needed services within the community. Many other states are currently able to bill insurance for these services, however, Kansas is one of the few that is not billing for these services at this time. At the end of this three-year grant term, the goal is to show the need for these services and demonstrate how they are improving overall health outcomes amongst Kansans. Phillips County Health Systems is proud to have this opportunity to offer these services to our community and we look forward to seeing how the program grows!

"As the new Community Health Worker for Phillips County & the surrounding areas, I look forward to serving as our community’s guide through the Health Care System. By providing resources and education on what is available to community members, I hope to assist in promoting health, support, and overall wellness to all individuals. Whether you are in need of essential care and well-being services or financial assistance services, I am here to serve as a liaison, advocate, and guide to assist in meeting your wellness needs."

If you or some you know have questions about this service or need assistance with the mentioned services, please contact Kelly Moffatt at (785) 540-4947. Regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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