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Hometown Girl Takes the Helm as CEO of Phillips County Health Systems

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Phillips County Health System proudly announces the appointment of Tara Overmiller (Mason) as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), marking a significant achievement for both Tara and our community.

In a testament to hometown pride and perseverance, Phillips County Health Systems has chosen to entrust leadership to one of our very own, Tara Overmiller, MBA. This appointment not only recognizes Tara’s remarkable career achievements but also underscores her deep-rooted connection to our community and PCHS’s dedication to fostering leadership within the community.

Tara is a true Phillipsburg native, born and raised right here within the hospital she now leads. Her journey from a Phillipsburg High School graduate to the CEO of the local healthcare system is a testament to her unwavering commitment and resilience.

Tara's educational background is nothing short of impressive. After her time at Phillipsburg High School, she spent two years at Kansas State University before transferring to Fort Hays State University, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management and later obtained a Master's degree in Business Administration and Leadership. She also received a Master Business Project Manager certification from Utah State University.

Tara's ascent through the ranks at Phillips County Health Systems is a testament to her dedication. She began as the Public Relations and Marketing Director, steadily advancing to the position of Chief Operations Officer before stepping in as the Interim CEO. She successfully guided the organization through organizational restructuring before taking on her current permanent position as CEO.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Tara, along with her husband Eric and their four children - Ethan (16), Ella (11), Mason (4), and Caleb (3) - is deeply involved in our community. She is an active member of Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Phillips County Theater Arts Council, Chapter BE of PEO, Kansas Hospital Association, Society for Health Care Strategy and Market Development, and serves on the Kansas Regents Advisory Council for the American College for Healthcare Executives. Tara also contributes her time to the Phillips County Hospital Volunteers and serves on the boards for the Kansas Association of Health Care Executives, Phillips County Healthcare Foundation, and the Pioneer Health Network.

Her accomplishments include nominations for Health Care Worker of the Year by the Kansas Hospital Association, receiving an Emerald Award from the Kansas Association of Health Care Communicators for her outstanding communication and marketing efforts, and being recognized as a Finalist for Program of the Year for Senior Life Solutions, which she administered.

As a multi-generational resident of Phillips County, Tara has a profound commitment to our community and its residents. Her appointment as CEO underscores PCHS's commitment to nurturing local leadership and investing in “growing our own” talent to bring about positive change.

Under Tara's guidance, PCHS is poised to achieve new levels of innovation, patient care, and community engagement. Her vision for the hospital centers around collaboration, financial stability, and the delivery of "Patient-Centered Excellence” in the care provided, promising an enhanced healthcare experience for all of Phillips County and our neighboring regions.

Tara Overmiller, MBA, CEO, shared her thoughts on her new role, saying, "I was born within these walls, and I entrust the healthcare services here to care for my children, parents, and loved ones. I am deeply honored and humbled to lead Phillips County Health Systems as its CEO. This wasn’t in my original plans, but with such a great team and the desire to see the restructuring efforts we immediately put into place continue, accepting the CEO position became something I was prepared to do. Our community has immense potential, and I am committed to driving positive change, fostering innovation, and ensuring that Phillips County Health Systems continues to shine as a beacon of healthcare excellence."

Tara’s appointment as CEO of Phillips County Health System serves as an inspiring example of how determination and community spirit can lead to remarkable accomplishments. Together, we'll build a healthier, brighter future for our community.

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