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PCHS Adds Ultraviolet Technology for Disinfecting

Phillips County Health Systems (PCHS) is committed to providing safe, high-quality patient care and to further enhance this commitment, PCHS has invested in an innovative Clorox Healthcare® UVDI-360® System to bring advanced, ultraviolet (UV) technology to the hospital and medical clinic’s existing patient safety and infection-fighting protocols. These innovative Clorox Healthcare® UVDI-360® Systems now complement PCHS’ comprehensive infection control plan, which combines manual surface disinfection with pathogen-killing UV technology.

The disinfecting systems use state-of-the-art ultraviolet (UV-C) light technology to eliminate dangerous pathogens, such as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Clostridium difficile (C. difficile), which can survive on surfaces in the healthcare environment for extended periods and pose a threat to patients, staff, and visitors. Following standard cleaning and disinfecting procedures, the mobile UV-C unit is brought in to provide another layer of protection and ensure that even the hardest-to-reach areas are thoroughly disinfected. The system works by emitting UV-C light, the highest-energy form of ultraviolet light, in a full 360-degree radius, killing microorganisms by inactivating their DNA, which renders them harmless and unable to replicate nor infect.

While PCHS provides a wide range of medical services and care, certain patient services such as wound care, infusions, surgeries, diagnostics, COVID-19 testing, etc. carry a higher infection risk. Also, due to the high sensitivities of some of the patients with compromised immune systems have towards bacteria and viruses, patient safety is a top priority for PCHS and the investment in the innovative Clorox Healthcare® UVDI-360® System was an easy decision.

“Our patients rely heavily on our hospital and medical clinic to provide high-quality care and we need to be prepared for anything,” said Jaime Baker, RN, Infection Control Nurse at PCHS. “A lot of hard work and effort goes into how we clean throughout our facilities. We’re passionate about patient safety and very excited about the Clorox UV system’s ability to help keep infection rates low. The addition of the Clorox devices provides an extra layer of protection against healthcare-associated infections and ensures that we are providing the safest environment possible for our patients.”

After standard manual cleaning and disinfecting procedures, the lightweight device can disinfect areas within an 8-foot radius in just a few minutes. The units will be utilized across all areas of the hospital and medical clinic including hospital rooms, recovery rooms, exam rooms in the clinic, emergency room, urgent care and isolation rooms, COVID-19 testing pod, laboratory, and the operating room after surgical cases. The Clorox UV system represents an easy-to-use upgrade to PCHS’ already stringent infection control protocols.

"The system is easy to use and effective, which assists us to serve our patients well," added Baker. "We know that this investment will help us advance our care delivery and improve patient outcomes."
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