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Starting Monday, January 18, 2021, there will be a new, safer, and more comprehensive COVID-19 testing process located at the Phillips County Medical Clinic.

Phillips County Health Systems is pleased to announce the opening of an additional COVID-19 testing pod that allows a secure and comfortable environment for their patients and staff.

The new COVID-19 testing pod is located in the south end of the Medical Clinic parking lot. Convenient parking has been established directly by the pod. The pod consists of three separate sections, each with private doors. The middle section is an office type room for our medical providers to chart, review records, order tests, etc. From the middle section, the medical provider can enter either of the private examination rooms located on either side of the pod that also have outside entrance doors. The separate entrances will allow increased privacy, safety, and accessibility.

Due to an increased number of admissions to the hospital and ER visits contributed to COVID patients' symptoms worsening after receiving a COVID test, we believe it is necessary for our medical team to visit and exam patients that are experiencing symptoms.

**To request a COVID test - please follow the below guidelines:**

  • Call the clinic at 785-543-5211 to request a testing appointment.

  • Arrive at the clinic at your appointment time and remain in your car.

  • Receive the COVID test swab inside your vehicle. Please be prepared to wait inside your vehicle until the test results are available. (If urgent medical care is needed, please go to the ER.)

  • If the test is POSITIVE, you will be directed into the COVID pod for further examination and consult with our medical provider designated to the pod for that day.

  • If the test is NEGATIVE, you will be directed into the clinic for further examination and testing, such as the flu or strep test.

To provide the best medical care for our patients and community, we feel it is important to not only test but also provide medical care and consult. We are seeing too many instances of preventable complications that we believe these new protocols will help reduce. Just as you would see a provider to receive the flu or strep test, COVID tests when experiencing symptoms will now be handled in a similar manner.

For patients with no symptoms (such as those needing pre-operative tests), there are alternative plans that do not encompass the medical appointment. The clinic will discuss those options with you when calling about receiving a COVID test.

Please call the Medical Clinic at 785-543-5211 with any questions or to schedule your COVID test.

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