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Phillips County Health Systems (PCHS) is pleased to announce the addition of Carmen Engelke, Licensed Masters Social Worker, as the Behavioral Health Consultant for the launch of an innovative program of collaborative mental and physical healthcare in the hospital and medical clinic. This joint initiative, which is produced from an evidence-based model for integrating mental health treatment into primary care, is highly effective for improving total health outcomes.

“Phillips County Health Systems recognizes the challenges that providers and patients face when addressing mental health,” said Rhonda Kellerman, Clinic Administrator. “We are dedicated to building a system with access to effective care as we believe the time for integrating mental and physical health care is here.”

Carmen obtained her bachelor degree from Fort Hays State University and her master’s degree from the University of Kansas, where she was the recipient of KU’s Integrated Health Scholarship Program. She grew up in Phillipsburg and currently resides on a small, family farm outside of Kensington with her husband and two sons. “I love being able to work back in my hometown and seeing many familiar and welcoming faces,” Carmen said regarding returning to her hometown to launch the program.

With the addition of Carmen into the Phillips County Medical Clinic setting, PCHS will be able to offer more timely access to mental health services to patients. With the stigma around mental health and the barriers of access to timely care, PCHS is dedicated to expanding and improving coordination of services in recognition of the relationship between medical and behavioral issues. When asked about her decision to join PCHS, Carmen shared: “I wanted to bring more awareness to the mental health needs of rural communities and to provide those services to my hometown. PCHS’ goals to reduce the stigma of mental health concerns and integrate these services into their primary care model, all under one roof, made me very excited to be a part of this innovative program.”

To learn more about the services offered at PCHS, please call the Medical Clinic at 785-543-5211.

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