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Covid Update - Logan Manor Assistance

Phillips County Health Systems (PCHS) is currently assisting the Logan Manor Retirement Center during its recent COVID-19 outbreak by providing nursing assistance to the wing of the retirement center containing non-COVID-19 patients. The nursing personnel who have volunteered to assist will be provided with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and will be carefully screened upon return to work at PCHS for any trace of the virus.

“We will absolutely follow any and all federal and state guidelines and protocols in assisting Logan Manor in its current situation,” said Jaime Baker, PCHS Infection Disease RN. “We are all in the same county and should always be willing to assist each other in a time such as this by sharing our people, our talents, and our resources.”

“It is our goal to work collaboratively with the staff at Logan Manor to contain the virus. We will do whatever will assist the residents during the next few days or weeks,” Baker added.

By sharing resources with Logan Manor, PCHS hopes to help Logan Manor and its staff provide for non-COVID patient needs. PCHS also is prepared from a bed management perspective for any COVID patients that may require hospitalization.

“At Phillips County Health Systems, our priority for our patients, visitors and staff is to maintain the integrity of our building through aggressive and proven COVID-19 prevention measures,” Baker emphasized.

Baker reported that the hospital has been very busy during the month of June. “We have to be sure that we are prepared appropriately to care for any patient requiring our services.”

“We are ready to and want to assist Logan Manor and its residents,” Baker said. “We believe we have an obligation to do so, and our staff wants to assist a neighbor in need. In doing so, we want the community to know that we will take every measure necessary to protect the safety of PCHS patients, visitors, and staff.”

Phillips County Health Systems and Logan Manor remain in continual contact with each other. Together, the healthcare teams hope to anticipate and to react to any status changes that may occur in a collaborative and purposeful manner.

Additional information will be provided as the situation dictates.

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