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Wound Care Therapy

Did you know our Rehab Dept offers specialized wound therapy solutions?

Physical therapy can be an adjunct treatment for non-healing wounds when standard wound care is unsuccessful.

Physical therapists with a specialization in wound care will perform a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation and develop a treatment plan that will apply to the various factors in the management of wound healing, including nutrition, blood flow and circulation, swelling, functional mobility, and pressure relief.

Our wound care team manages many types of difficult and non-healing wounds, including: • Venous and/or arterial insufficiency wounds • Diabetic wounds • Pressure ulcers • Traumatic wounds • Surgical wounds • Chronic wounds

Physical therapy wound care may include the following procedures and treatments: • Electrical stimulation • Ultrasound • Ultraviolet light • Pulsed lavage • Negative pressure wound therapy • Multilayer compression • Sharps debridement

A physician referral is required.

Contact the Rehab Dept at 785-540-4949 for additional information. #woundcareawarenessweek

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