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Phillips County Health Systems (PCHS) has been named one of Kansas’ top facilities for capturing the complete demographics during newborn screenings. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), in partnership with the Kansas Hospital Association and the Kansas Midwives Alliance, has created the recognition program for hospitals, facilities and midwives who provide newborn screening services.

Birthing facilities and newborn providers can earn top honors in up to five general categories. PCHS was recognized for the “Complete Demographics” category. Complete demographics information is necessary to accurately interpret screening results and report them to healthcare providers in a timely manner. Meeting these goals requires a dedication to higher screening standards and continual improvements.

“I am very proud of our medical team who have dedicated themselves to giving infants the best chance at optimal health through quality and timely newborn screening,” said Rex Walk, CEO. “It takes incredible diligence to complete these screenings correctly, which in the long run can have a positive impact on our local infants and their families.”

To schedule a well-baby exam or other pediatric appointments, give the Phillips County Medical Clinic a call at 785-543-5211.

More information on the Kansas Newborn Screening Program can be found at

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