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Phillips County Health Systems is devoted to providing specialized care in our community. You don't have to travel far for trusted medical care!  Our Outpatient Clinics provide access to specialized medical diagnosis, treatments, and testings without the need to travel to another facility or require hospital admittance. 

Dr. Russell Carlston

Dr. Carlston is a highly-skilled specialist in the treatment of foot and ankle disorders. Utilizing a stepwise approach, Dr. Carlston and his team are committed to providing you with the highest level of care.

A Colorado native, Dr. Carlston attended the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. He then attended Barry University in Miami, FL, where he earned a Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine. He went on to complete a three-year residency in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery with the added credential in Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery at St. Joseph Medical Center in Houston, TX. While in residency, he gained comprehensive training in forefoot, midfoot, and rearfoot surgery, trauma, wound care, diabetic foot care, and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Carlston specializes in all aspects of podiatry including foot surgery; sports injury; diabetic foot care; pediatric foot care; and custom-made orthotics. Helping you find the relief that you need, Dr. Carlston will analyze your health and lifestyle, and tailor a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Foot health is important at any age. It’s important to talk to a podiatrist if you experience conditions such as: foot and ankle pain; ingrown, fungal, thickened and painful nails; corns, calluses and warts; heel and arch pain; flatfoot; achilles’ pain; athletes’ foot, rashes and skin lesions; ulcerations and wounds; bunions, bunionettes and hammertoes; tendinitis; foot and ankle injuries and fractures; arthritis and related disorders; neurological problems; or diabetic foot problems.

Phillips County Health Systems is pleased to be able to provide patients with advanced podiatric and other specialty care close to home saving you time and travel.

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To schedule an appointment with Dr. Carlston, call (785)540-4913.

To schedule appointments with our Outpatient Specialists, please 

contact our clinic directly at 785-540-4913

Additional Health Syetems Services include:
  • Bone Density

  • Cardiovascular Screenings

  • Diabetic Counseling

  • Echocardiograms

  • LifeLine Alert Systems

  • IV Infusion

  • Migraine Nerve Block

  • Mobile MRI

  • PICC Lines

  • Sleep Studies

  • Swallow Studies

  • Telemedicine

    • Mental Health

    • Pain Management

    • Pulmonology 

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