“Dear Emergency Staff, My visit couldn’t have shown a better performance of the staff. X-ray even came in. Thank You.”
A comment from a patient’s son: “Now I know why mother will go no place else, she says she loves the staff and now I know why.”
“Care from staff was all very friendly.”
“Roxie’s chicken broth and Curtis’ hot chocolate were awesome.”
“I would like everyone to know just how special the people of the Phillips County Hospital and Medical Clinics are. We were so blessed to have such a great nursing staff take care of mom. Actually part of the time they were taking care of us too… I feel very blessed to have such a terrific medical facility in our small rural town. Not many small towns are lucky enough to have one like this. Love all of you guys & gals who helped us through such a tough time in our lives!!! I’ll be forever grateful!! Thank you!”
“I want you to know how impressed I am with the job your workers do. This is the cleanest hospital I’ve ever seen! And I have been in the medical field 35 years.”
“Everyone was very attentive, helpful, and compassionate not only with mom but with other family members who came and went during those weeks. I spent a few nights on the couch in the hospice room and someone always offered me a blanket, pillow and tried to make me as comfortable as possible.”
A family member of a patient recently reported that the care here was exemplary from every department they encountered including Environmental Services, Nutritional Services, Nursing, Providers, and Support Staff.
Another ER patient responded to our website with the following: “I came to your ER and had great service from your Dr. & nurse. The Doctor made all the right medical calls… I truly appreciate the time your Dr. took to ensure I was on the right path…”
“I am sincerely happy to have our acute care hospital in our community and for the dedication of its administration and employees. Truly servants!”

Thank You

Thanks to all our patients and families.  As we continue our efforts to improve our customer service to you. We appreciate your support, and welcome all comments.