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Urinary and Bowel Incontinence

Leaks don't have to be a big deal! Urinary and bowel incontinence are very common problems and treatment shouldn't be avoided due to embarrassment. Our Physical Therapy department offers non-surgical rehabilitation for many pelvic floor conditions, including: Stress Incontinence Urge Incontinence Urinary Frequency Urgency Interstitial Cystitis Chronic Pelvic Pain Overactive Bladder Fecal Incontinence Chronic [...]

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Part of the services offered by Phillips County Health Systems’ (PCHS) Rehabilitation department is comprehensive wound care provided by registered physical therapists to individuals with various types of skin ulcers, traumatic wounds, burns, surgical wounds, medical edema, lesions, and more. This past month, physical therapists at PCHS have added a new treatment tool by bringing [...]

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PCHS Welcomes Physical Therapist, Matt Broeckelman

Phillips County Health Systems is pleased to announce the expansion of their clinical rehabilitation team with the addition of a new physical therapist, Matt Broeckelman. Matt is a skilled physical therapist and a dynamic member of the team. He has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, a Master’s of Business Administration, and is also a Certified [...]

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A Matter of Balance – Stepping On Programs Held

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one in three older adults over the age of 65 will have a fall this year. Fear of falling often leads to inactivity and inactivity leads to social isolation, loss of muscle strength and balance, increasing the risk of falling. The Stepping On program aims to break [...]

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