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Patient and Family Advisory Council

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Become a Patient and Family Advisor

What is a patient and Family Advisor? A patient and family advisor is someone who: Wants to help improve the quality of our hospital's care for all patients and family members. Gives feedback to the hospital based on his or her own experiences as a patient or family member Helps us plan changes to [...]

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Patient and Family Advisory Council Completes First Project

The Phillips County Health Systems’ Patient and Family Advisory Council, consisting of members Ken Schilowsky, Don Isernhagen, Ann Bushnell, and Melany Jackson, formed in April of 2016 and began with identifying different areas that impact visitors, families, and community members at the hospital.  Their first project was the signage surrounding the Emergency room.  There were [...]

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Patient and Family Advisory Council Applications Being Accepted

Phillips County Health Systems in conjunction with Kansas Hospital Engagement Network are launching a Patient and Family Advisory Council.  This initiative is to partner patient and family members with individuals in our healthcare setting to improve patient/family experiences, safety, and satisfaction. Patient/Family Advisors volunteer to provide feedback and advice for changes to hospital care practices, [...]

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