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Teen Counseling Services Available

The teen years are a time of so much growth, change, and challenge. Phillips County Medical Clinic has counseling services available to help navigate all these changes.

  • Do you have a teen that you are concerned about?

  • Has your teen become withdrawn, irritable, using alcohol/drugs and nothing you try seems to make a difference?

  • Is your teen anxious and struggling to face new challenges or having difficulty sleeping or worried all the time?

  • Is your teen struggling with social or romantic relationships?

  • Has your teen experienced a change in family dynamics or relationships?

  • Do you need help with parenting techniques, discipline, or family dynamics?

Counseling can help your teen learn skills they can implement into their lives, process their feelings, and build insights into their behaviors, thoughts and feelings - and that of others.

To learn more about our counseling services, through Carmen Engelke, LMSW, Behavioral Health Consultant, at the Phillips County Medical Clinic.

Call 785-543-5211 to schedule a consultation today.

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