Part of the services offered by Phillips County Health Systems’ (PCHS) Rehabilitation department is comprehensive wound care provided by registered physical therapists to individuals with various types of skin ulcers, traumatic wounds, burns, surgical wounds, medical edema, lesions, and more.

This past month, physical therapists at PCHS have added a new treatment tool by bringing in a state-of-the-art stem cell therapy product for wound healing. Stem Cell Therapy uses amnion allograft (tissue graft) to add natural growth factors to treat site-specific parts of the body. It helps modulate inflammation, reduce scar tissue formation, and enhance healing. Growth factors are powerful agents that our bodies produce to signal cells to help the site heal. The therapy will also help a patient’s own cells regenerate the damaged tissue.

Danielle Bohl, Rehabilitation Manager and Physical Therapist described how the stem cells are retrieved and then turned into a very thin, translucent, flexible sheet to be applied to wounds. “The amniotic membrane tissue, which is part of the placenta and is typically discarded after childbirth, is donated by healthy consenting mothers undergoing scheduled Cesarean sections during normal, healthy childbirth. Tissue donors are tested for infectious diseases, similar to blood donation,” said Bohl. “The amniotic membrane then undergoes a validated proprietary process to thoroughly cleanse and preserve the tissue. When applied to wounds, the plastic-like tissue acts as a sort of scaffold over which other cells can grow to repair wounds. The amnion acts much like a skin graft – wounds heal faster, with less scarring.”

Phillips County Health Systems is just one of a few facilities in Kansas that is starting to utilize this breakthrough technology for treating patients with advanced wounds. The Physical Therapist will evaluate and develop individualized treatment plans and work closely with the patient and primary care physician to address factors that may contribute to non-healing.

For more information on wound care services, please call the PCHS Rehabilitation department at 785-540-4949.


Pictured Left to Right: Marcus Watts (MiMedx), Lindsey Johnson (Chronic Care Management), Jennifer Hamons, PA-C (Primary Care Provider), Alan Whitney (Patient), Danielle Bohl (Physical Therapist), Sandy Reimer (Rehab Dept Assistant)