Our Health Information Management Department (Medical Records) is responsible for assigning diagnosis codes to all records to aide in billing; transcription of dictation from providers; reviewing records to assure quality information has been recorded; reviewing charts for completion of gathered information; completing state required reporting on cancers, quality health initiatives, specific diagnosis data and several other required studies; permanent scanning of records to computer our computer system; and assisting companies and individuals with obtaining copies of their medical records.

Phillips County Health Systems has begun the process of adding information from your hospitalization into secure computerized records. This will enhance our efficiency and ability to exchange information with other health care providers.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, security, ethics, research, statistics, privacy, confidentiality, personal health records, outcome measures, and quality bench-marking are areas of work conducted by Health Information Management.

Health records can be obtained Monday thru Friday between 8AM to 5PM. Request forms and a copy of identification are needed in order to process personal information. We honor the maximum fee scheduled set by the Kansas Department of Labor yearly for charges.