Fiscal Year 2013 (April 2012-March 3013)

Phillips County Hospital and Medical Clinics are a non-for-profit organization. We participate in the state Community Benefit Program that allows our hospital and medical clinics to remain as tax-exempt non-profit entities. In order to meet these regulations we are required to return to the community programs and services. These services in fiscal year 2013 totaled $381,846. These are non- recoverable costs for the hospital. Our county tax support that was issued to the Hospital board in fiscal year 2013 (March 2012- April 2013) was $342,386. This reflects that the tax payer’s support was actually returned to the community through bad debt, charity care, Medicaid shortfall loss and free services and not for operational expenses. These are state reported costs. See pie chart below.


The Phillips County Hospital and Medical Clinics also donates money to support various projects to the area that are not health related and cannot be reflected in the above report, i.e.: Post Prom, Relay for Life, sponsoring sports coverage on the radio, local school yearbooks, aquatic pool items, rodeo parade and sponsorship, local school and little kids projects, sponsored and supplied a girls softball team. Without local business sponsorship these events might not succeed.

We are proud to announce the staff of the Phillips County Hospital, Phillips County Medical Clinic and Logan Medical Clinic provided a total of 2,504.5 volunteer hours to area agencies, such as: EMS, scout leaders, hospital projects, summer lunches, Special Olympics, local theater, KAHCE, Chamber projects, Thrift Shop & Food Pantry, Relay for Life, hospital auxiliary, rodeo events, River-less events, and local school projects.. These hours are recorded on the IRS 990 report but not as part of the Community Benefit.

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