Phillips County Hospital, Phillips County Medical Clinic and Logan Medical clinic
2012 Community Benefit CBISA Report

($530,322 unreimbursed funds return to the Community, $97,170 in other services)

The mission of the Phillips County Hospital, Phillips County Medical Clinic and Logan Medical Clinic is to strengthen the health and well being of the greater Phillips County area. As a community not-for-profit organization we participate in the state Community Benefit program that allows our hospital & medical clinics to remain tax-exempt. A record of Community Benefits must be reported to the State of Kansas showing that we donate monies, services and education back to our community to prevent tax-exempt non-profit hospitals from being taxed.

We are pleased to present our fiscal year 2011 (March 2010- April 2011) Community Benefit Report, which enables us to achieve our mission and improve the health of our community. Per “Community Benefits Inventory for Social Accountability” a facility’s Community Benefits is calculated by the value of the benefit multiplied by a factor. The following items are included in our Unreimbursed Expenses Community Benefits: Charity Care $92,988, Unpaid Medicaid Cost $186,923, Community Education $10,558, Recruitment Cost of professionals $65,252, Discounted Hospital Services-loss $1,070 , Free Professional Hospital Services $ 2,416, Health Related Donations $11,574,, and Community Benefit survey & Operations cost $6,300. The total for Community Benefit is $377,081. This amount does not include the addition $ 250,411 that was written off as Bad Debt. Bad Debt is an amount that is written off as a loss and classified as an expense because (a.) the debt owed is unable to be collected after all reasonable efforts have been exhausted to collect or (b.) the debtor is unable to make adequate monthly payments for the sum owed in a timely manner. Unreimbursed Community Benefits totaled $627,492 for Fiscal Year 2012. ($530,322 of this total was Charity Care, Medicaid shortfall of payment and bad debts that were provided to our community through needed health care services while remaining with the same 6 mil taxation since 2007).

Patients of Phillips County Hospitals and Medical clinics have access to many free or discounted services such as: Home Safety Evaluations by the Rehabilitation Department, Diabetic & Ostomy instructions by a Dietitian or R.N., Financial Consulting, Patient Assistant Program for Free or Discounted Medications, discounted school sports physicals, yearly mammogram drawings during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the “Lifeline” telephone alert system, which is another vital service that is managed by the Phillips County Hospital.

Organizations that Phillips County Hospital and Medical Clinics sponsor by either donations or employee volunteered time are: Hospice, EMS on – call services, Operation Care Package, Individual Community Fund Raisers, Kiwanis, Rotary, Community Care Group, In- home Volunteer time, Hospital Auxiliary, Summer Lunch Program, Food Pantry Drives, Majestic Theatre workers, American Cancer Association-Relay for Life, American Red Cross Blood Drive, Christmas of Sharing, Post Proms-Logan, Thunder Ridge & Phillipsburg schools, Year book sponsors of area schools, Sponsoring of local school sporting events in the newspaper and on the radio, Riverless Festival Fun Run, Preparation Education for Emergency Management, rodeo advertising and float, United Methodist Thrift Shop, Phillips County 4-H, Breakfast with Santa and the Phillipsburg Chamber Of Commerce.

The Phillips County Hospital, Phillips County Medical Clinic and Logan Medical Clinic have 115 employees. These employees are involved in the community and have donated 1,520 volunteer hours in its 2012 Fiscal year.

In January 2002 the Wellness Center in Phillipsburg was started, staffed and operated by the Phillips County Hospital. In September 2007 the Wellness Center became independent of the hospital due to Medicare regulations. Since that time the hospital continues to donate $10,000 annually to support its operations, without this donation it would be difficult for the center to survive.

We are proud of what Phillips County Hospital, Phillips County Medical Clinic and the Logan Medical Clinic can return to our community through your use of our services. Monies spent at Phillips County Health Systems remains local to strengthen our own community and to help those who are needy.